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What I Ate This Week: Vegan MoFo #20

Vegan MoFo 2011 - Vegan Month of FoodHas it been 20 posts already? Seriously, it will be November already next week! Where did Rocktober go?

It’s been a mostly non-cooking week for me, at least at dinner. Maybe it’s MoFo burnout, or the minor cold I’ve had. Minor it was, due to my Vegan Superpower of Supreme Immunity. When I’m feeling something coming on, I eat more garlic, onions, kale, and miso. I also drink green tea and get regular amounts of sleep.

Without further ado, the food-related highlights:

tomato rice soup experiment #2

Some recipes just aren’t right the first time, or the second. Like this tomato rice soup, Take #2. Dave has loved both takes so far because they’ve been too overly spicy for me to enjoy. We both think there’s something missing. It could be basil.


Cactus Grill tofu burrito

Linda was talking about Cactus Grill this week while we were planning Food for Thought. I looked them up on Facebook. The first post on their wall was a thank you to their customers, who have supported a locally-owned shop in a tough economy. So on one of the best days of the week to take a walk around town, I walked over from campus to have a burrito. They have two kinds of vegetarian rice (lime cilantro and spanish) and two kinds of vegetarian beans (black and pinto), plus marinated tofu cubes. I think they have fajita vegetables, but I didn’t opt for those. Nice selections for the vegetarians, and of course you just leave off the cheese and sour cream to make it vegan. Easy.


Basil Thai Pineapple Rice

I like Thai food, and I don’t have it often enough. So this week, I had it twice. This is Tropical Fried Rice from Basil Thai in Urbana.


Mussamun Curry

This is Mussamun Curry from a restaurant that is now where Basil Thai used to be in Champaign, near Empire Chinese (another really good Chinese restaurant in town). I asked the owner, and they don’t put fish sauce in anything unless the customer requests it. All dishes can be made vegetarian (with tofu or veggies) or vegan (no egg most of the time) upon request. Only the pho broth cannot be made vegan (beef base).


mushroom pasta

And to end the week, and bring a little of the cooking mojo back, I threw together a quick pasta dish with some sliced fresh mushrooms and onions, sauteed in a little Earth Balance, with lots of black pepper, garlic, fennel, and fresh parsley.

Now if I just had someone to clean up my kitchen, I think that would get me even more motivated!