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Recycling vs. Trash

my 30-gallon garbage tote, a typical non-stuffed 13-gallon trash bag, and a full recycling binOne of the benefits to eating a lot of whole foods is less waste. We end up with about as much or more recyclables each week than trash. Here is our small-ish 35 gallon garbage tote (black), with the mostly-full-but-not-stuffed 13-gallon kitchen garbage bag that we throw out weekly. That’s usually it. I can always knot the top corners of the garbage bag, too.

Yes, I know you see that Morningstar Farms Sausage Patties box there, and it is a processed food, but I just love those little things! I’m still cleaning out the not-so-whole foods from my freezer and pantry, and working on more whole-foods and homemade alternatives. I’m not about perfection, but I imagine there could be a tempeh sausage recipe in my future.

Eating whole foods, plant foods, and cooking mostly from scratch reduces food packaging waste. I don’t even use produce bags as much as I used to, unless I’m buying small things like grapes, or purchasing in bulk. Our local food co-op allows you to bring in your own containers – neat idea! I could probably knit my own reusable produce bags out of the hemp yarn I love so much. (Did you know that hemp is one of the most awesome and versatile plants on the planet?) I have plans to reduce our bag footprint even further.