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Brooks Haiku Contest: I Won!

I can’t believe I won a GRAND PRIZE in the Brooks Running Haiku Contest – my choice of any pair of Brooks shoes! My poem was one of the top 5 out of more than 600 entries! Here it is:

soft flakes morning breaks
footfalls grace the sea of white
cold run warms the soul

I love winter running. I wanted to capture the feeling of heading out into fresh snow. I find the quietness comforting as the snow absorbs much of the resonant sound. I love the feeling of knowing that. despite what many would consider inclement weather, I was out. I got it done. The rest of my day is set.

I expect to receive this spiffy new pair of Adrenaline GTS 11s in shiny RED sometime soon.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11

I’m running in the GTS 10s right now, and they are definitely my favorite shoes. I did 8 miles in them on the first day without any problems.

In other running news, it’s go time again! We’re just a few days from the 2011 Illinois Marathon, where I will run my second half marathon. It’s actually my first time running this distance, since last year I walked part of it. The humidity was oppressive and temps were warmer than expected in 2010, and I had just had an egg-sized cyst surgically removed from my neck about 6 weeks before the race. Despite this, I had a lot of fun. Although I walked, I completed it.

This year, I’m looking forward to running the entire race. If the weather is favorable (as in NOT 90+% humidity like my last 3 runs!), I would like to finish under 2:20. That’s pushing it, but is is a race.

I had a really fantastic 11+ mile training run a week ago on the course, where I was able to remember how I felt along the way last year, and process how much better I feel this year leading up to the event. Let’s see what unfolds!