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Fast food, fat profits: obesity in America

I’ve been working on a post for many weeks on obesity, and it’s mostly summarized with this video.

If this pisses you off – and it should – remember to vote with your dollars. Stop eating fast food. Eat more vegetables. Teach someone how to cook. Support local farmers.

Each dollar you keep from the corporate food machine is one less that they have to buy away our future.

Interstate Love Song

Rachel Weber
A really nice picture, thanks to Joseph Hedges.

We spent most of last weekend in the Chicago area, spending an awesome Friday night with friends at Medusa in Elgin. Every second Friday of the month, they have an evening of industrial, electronic, and darkwave music. This week, special guest DJ (and vegan) Peter Propaganda shared his famous and well-traveled vegan chili. I have no idea what makes it so good, which can be said for many good things I’ve eaten. It’s definitely some of the best chili I’ve ever had, vegan or non – and I think most people would not be able to tell it’s vegan. You can follow Peter Propaganda’s Vegan Chili on Facebook to see where it will pop up next in the Chicagoland area.

On the way there from Champaign, we stopped for dinner – and NOT at McDonald’s this time! Yay! Am I starting to get through, maybe?

There are decent vegan fast food meals to be found if you do your homework and ask for what you want. I’m still not sure how much I trust employees to tell me whether or not there’s dairy in something – like bread, am I right? – so I try to look things up online before I go out. What I really need to do is pull a bunch of information into a PDF and keep in on my iPod Touch. Or maybe someone could make an app for this? Hmm.

We stopped at a combination Taco Bell/KFC. I wouldn’t eat it every day, I’m not a fast food fan, and I don’t really like supporting KFC, but when you’re captive on the interstate, what are you going to do? I had a 7-layer burrito (no cheese or sour cream), a side of rice, and some really HOT corn on the cob (NOT pre-buttered!). And I picked up nifty packets of KFC hot sauce, which tastes a lot like Frank’s Red Hot. I love that stuff!

I also like Taco Bell’s nutrition calculator. I wish other fast food restaurants would create similar applications so people can scare themselves see what they’re actually eating. I don’t normally count calories, but I was curious to calculate my meal. It came to a surprising 760 calories! It’s the tortilla – nearly 300 calories right there. Yow! I’m glad I danced all of that off.

We stayed with family on Friday night, and I played with my niece Alison. She’s 7 months old, and either the happiest little vampire ever, or teething. She chomped into Lance once or twice, and grabbed Dave’s arm to use as a giant teething ring. My mother-in-law was very cool and bought me an Amy’s Black Bean Tamale and Rice meal for lunch, and we all had chips, guacamole, and fresh fruit.

And whatever happened to Stone Temple Pilots? I’d like to think that Scott Weiland’s hair is safe out there, somewhere.