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The Morel of the Story is…

…they make everything they touch insanely delicious. (Dessert may be an exception, but I haven’t tried that… yet.)

morels in a jar

I have most of a quart jar of these delicious dried morels. I think of them as The Truffle of the Midwest. Some would say they’re almost as difficult to find. My dad gave me these, and they keep for many months in a tightly-sealed Ball jar. It only takes a few of these dried delights to add earthy complexity to any dish.

Chicken Tenderloins with Mushroom Sauce


For tonight’s dinner, I thinly-sliced and sauteed about 8 oz. of baby bella mushrooms in a bit of butter, added a handful of fresh thyme leaves, and crumbled in two dried morel mushroom halves. (I should have added one more half.) I added white wine to deglaze, seasoned with kosher salt and black pepper, and reduced it all a bit.

chicken in a skilletAfter removing the mushroom sauce from the pan, I added a bit of olive oil and seasoned some chicken breast tenders with salt, pepper, and fresh thyme leaves.

After they had cooked nearly through, I added the mushroom sauce back to the pan with the chicken, and garnished with fresh chopped chives from my front yard.

I served my portion with greens, topped with a basic vinaigrette (one part vinegar, three parts oil) to which I added some sun-dried tomato and balsamic mustard.





Corn and Chives


The boys had two ears of corn left over from the weekend. I had leftover curried roasted carrot soup.

So good!