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‘Twas the Week Before MoFo

Vegan MoFo 2011 - Vegan Month of Food

Is everyone excited for Vegan Month of Food 2011? I can’t wait to see what’s in store from so many creative vegan cooks!

Here’s a little MoFo poetry to get us by until next week.

– – –

‘Twas the week before MoFo, when all through the ‘net, all the vegans exclaimed, “is it MoFo time yet?”

Their spices were stocked by the stovetop with care, pans poised for the yumminess to be made there.

The kale was pre-washed, the seitan was steamed, the menus were planned, and the bloggers did dream;

That now, in this month, soon the whole world would see how delicious and fun vegan cooking can be!

Then out on the web there arose a kerfuffle from someone perfecting her last vegan truffle.

“It’s lovely!” she Twittered, as loud as could be. “I shall capture and blog it so that all may see!”

The moon lit the truffle, cooling next to the stove, while she dug out a camera near her recipe trove.

And before she could capture her chocolaty sweets, everyone in her neighborhood ate up the treats!

“What is this deliciousness?” they said at least twice, when they tasted her lentils, her beans, and her rice.

“It’s real food! It’s healthy!” she claimed with great pride. “And the best part… to make it, no animal died!”

“You see, I am vegan, and it brings me great health. So I won’t keep these recipes all to myself.

October is coming, and I’m going to share all this great vegan food on my blog over there.

I have recipes planned that will transform your palates, like a sweet pumpkin pie and braised tofu with shallots.”

“But vegans eat strange things! They’re all weak and pasty! And how will I stop eating cheese? It’s so tasty!”

“I’ve heard that before,” she said of their rumors. “But the casein in cheese promotes cancerous tumors.

Meat, eggs, and dairy aren’t a part of my meals, yet I have so much energy, compassion and zeal.

By eating no meat, I’m reducing pollution. There’s more food for all – it’s a hunger solution!

And you might just find out with more plants in your diet, you’re full but lose weight. So why don’t you try it?

So she pulled out a pan and she whipped up from scratches, more veggies and grains, and they went down their hatches.

And the neighbors exclaimed as they cleaned up each plate, “This is wonderful food, and it makes us feel great!

We love it – the vegetables, lentils, and greens! May we please have the recipe for those black beans?”

Then the clever cook smiled, as she said to the crowd, “VeganMoFo.com‘s where my blog can be found!

In the month of October, we’ll burn up the Net with our fine vegan cooking – the best MoFo yet!”

Then they heard her exclaim, as they bookmarked her site, “Happy MoFo to all, and to all a good night!”

– – –

Based on “A Visit from Saint Nicholas”, a poem with quite an interesting history.