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A Salad Tip

I like to bring big salads to work for lunch. When I ride my bike to work, I can’t always fit everything into a trunk bag. With a lunch, clothes, wallet, keys, and extra shoes, space is a priority. When I don’t have room for a separate salad dressing container, here’s what I do.

kale salad

1. Grab a good-sized salad container.

2. Pour in a serving of your favorite dressing. I used a homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

3. Top the dressing with chopped vegetables or other salad ingredients. I used chopped crimini mushrooms, roasted chickpeas, and imitation bacon bits. Chopped raw asparagus would have made this combination even better.

4. Add chopped kale, enough to cover the dressing. You can stir it up a little to get some dressing on the kale, or carry it with you as you ride your bike to work – this will mix it up a bit! The idea is to wilt the kale a bit and marinate the vegetables.

5. Top with the more delicate salad greens of your choice. I used spinach, but any type of lettuce will work. It sits above the dressing, and should remain unwilted and crisp until lunchtime.

Bike to Work Day Awesomeness

Thanks to my friend Dana who loaned me her old hybrid bike, I was able to participate in the annual Bike to Work Day. I haven’t been on a bike in at least five years, but I LOVE IT! The round trip is about 13 miles, with some great paved trails and nice neighborhoods. If I didn’t have to climb a highway overpass right out of our subdivision, this would be pretty much perfect.

How can you not start your day right with these spectacular early-morning vistas?

beautiful trails

trail with river crossingThe stream crossing was a little muddy in the picture above. One other crossing was underwater. Not wanting to get my borrowed “oxen” wet, I elected not to ford it.