What I Ate Wednesday: Vegan MoFo #18

It has been a busy week. I feel like I’m running out of steam with creating recipes. It’s probably because I’m busy creating Halloween costumes and trying to figure out where I’m going to find a Dragonball Z Vegeta costume wig a week before Halloween. I’m probably going to end up shaping one myself from whatever I can find at the local costume shop. It’s a good thing my friend who moved to Germany left her giant can of AquaNet.

On to the foods!

Lentil Dal

I think I found a spot with great lighting at the Red Herring. No level adjustments needed on this baby. No adjustments needed to the flavors in this red lentil dal, either. It was served over brown rice with a lime wedge as you can see. I chose to double up the curry and have it with curried pumpkin soup. This warmed me up for at least an hour, the first time I felt warm all day. There’s usually a month delay between AC and heat in my university building, during which I can be found in my office working in a parka and fingerless gloves.


Black Bean Burger, red light version

Do not adjust your screens, you have not been transported to the red light district! You’re at the table with the red light at the Red Herring. This is the black bean patty, a Herring original and definitely the most interesting veggie or bean burger I’ve had. Here’s a better picture:


Black Bean Burger

The patty has many interesting ingredients, among them beets, black beans, and prunes. The chef tells me she makes her own A1-style sauce for the burger. Amazing. I had to restrain myself from having this one again today. This is MoFo, and we need variety! The soup is butternut squash.


Chipotle Bean and Rice Burrito

This Chipotle Burrito was a quick lunch on the way to Chicago. I was happy to discover they now serve brown rice as an option. I like mine with corn salsa and medium salsa. No guacamole this time, since I was eating it in the car and didn’t want to make a mess. It has a nice ethereal glow, doesn’t it?


Spicy Channa Aloo

I haven’t had Indian food at a restaurant in some time. This is channa aloo and vegetable pakoras (cauliflower) from Bombay Indian Restaurant. It was very hot. And the next day, the leftovers were hotter.


Get your veggies and fruits at Walgreens!

Let’s hear it for Walgreens, advertising fresh fruits and vegetables (to go!). This is probably the closest source of produce for a lot of people on campus.


General Tso's Tofu

I think you can probably General Tso-ify anything, and tofu is no exception. This is from Cravings Restaurant in Champaign.


Ground Nut Stew

Ground nut stew from the Red Herring was a tasty part of last week’s lunches. Lots of vegetables here, but the sweet potatoes were the highlight. And twice in two weeks, I’ve been served the ends of the English muffin bread… my favorite pieces!


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