Vegan Meetup Group: Salads in the Park

refreshing white teaLinda and Rob hosted the Champaign-Urbana Vegan Meetup Group last night at Davidson Park next to their home. It was a nice setting with enjoyable company, an abundance of great food, and slacklining.

I had about 30 seconds to snap some pictures from the time the dishes were unveiled until the feasting commenced. As usual, several dishes showed up later after we had filled our plates, so my apologies to those whose dishes did not get photographed. My favorite not pictured here was a zucchini bread topped with vegan cheese, made by Amelia.

Linda brewed some fragrant white tea in a nifty jar. White tea is great on ice. I think it would taste great over some chunks of frozen fruit.

channa masala and rice

Linda and Rob also made channa masala, with black tea, and no tomatoes. Interesting, and some of the best channa masala I’ve ever had.

tempeh saladThis is a tempeh/garbanzo bean “mock chicken-or-the-egg” salad from Kathryn, a long-time vegetarian, now vegan. She has forgotten what chicken or tuna salad is supposed to taste like. I don’t think that matters, it just tastes like good food to me.

slaw with daikon radishes Dana made a slaw with kohlrabi and daikon radishes. Way to use that CSA produce, Dana. She also brought the sought-after peanut butter cups, which proved too elusive for me to photograph. Or maybe I was too busy eating one.

broccoli salad with grapesI was too full to try this broccoli salad with grapes. It looks like there’s broccoli, celery, carrots, and grapes in here, with a vegan mayonnaise dressing. I see this salad all the time with raisins, but this grape idea has potential.

corn frittersKatie whipped up some delicious gluten-free corn fritters, with a top-notch presentation! I think the black bean spread on the right is also hers. The ceramic bowl containing it is adorable, with its little pocket for the spreader. Aww! Don’t you think these would make a great savory breakfast?

confetti ramen salad with hemp oil dressing closeup

I contributed a Confetti Ramen Slaw with Hemp Dressing.

Other offerings included Jason’s green beans with chili sauce, bread from Pekara, and delicious dessert bars from Robin, which turned out to be strawberry chickpea blondies, I think. (I may have found the recipe.)

4 thoughts on “Vegan Meetup Group: Salads in the Park”

  1. Yup, that’s the recipe! I certainly liked it (but hey, throw some peanut butter on a tree branch and I’ll go to town on it…) but I wish I’d had a chance to make them before. Cooking them as long as she says yields a bar that is far more akin to fudge than blondies, and I think it probably needed more sugar for some people’s tastes. Anyway. Awesome potluck indeed! Your slaw was marvelous! A fabulous time all around. I even had sore calves the next day from my 5 minutes on the slackline : ]

    Also, this is the first time I’ve stumbled onto your blog (from Linda’s), and I’m glad she had an excuse to link to you…another local vegan blog discovered, hurray!

    1. Thanks Robin! The blondies were great. I like my cookies gooey and underbaked, but also appreciate chewy corners. I think I need to invest in one of those individual brownie pans that gives each square chewy corners. That might be dangerous!

      Although I’ve been posting here for a while, I just started making it more public. Glad you discovered it!

  2. Thank you! The people who started our meetup group use It’s a great way to put a local group out there for others to find. We have a good group of followers, and some really fantastic cooks.

    I don’t have the exact recipe for the salad at the potluck. It contained some tempeh. I have a similar salad with chickpeas on this site, which you might have seen. I’m sure you could add tempeh to it. I see a lot of mock tuna salad recipes that also contain wakame or shredded nori to give it a little “fishy” flavor.

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